Kodi Movie Review

Appealing in parts, except few scenes

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Direction : R. S. Durai Senthilkumar
Production : Grass Root Film Company
Starring : Dhanush, Trisha Krishnan, Anupama Parameswaran, Saranya Ponvannan
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography : Venkatesh S
Editing : Prakash Mabbu

Delivering couple of decent hits ‘Ethir Neechal’ and ‘Kaaki Sattai’, Durai Senthil Kumar escalates himself to the next level by directing an A-league actor like Dhanush. Kodi features Dhanush in dual roles with Trisha and Premam fame Anupama playing the female lead characters with an ensemble star-cast of SA Chandrasekar, Saranya Ponvannan, Kaali Venkat and many others. Santhosh Narayanan has composed music and Venkatesh has handled cinematography.


Twin brothers Kodi and Anbu (both played by Dhanush) are the heart and soul of their widowed mother (Saranya Ponvannan). While Kodi is a politician, Anbu leads his profession as a professor and we find Rudra (Trisha), ladylove of Kodi on the other political party. The conflicts and confrontations between these characters urged by situations with unexpected twists and turns forms crux of the story.


Kodi, a political drama marks the 30th movie of Dhanush as an actor, which is directed by Durai Sentil Kumar, whose previous movies ‘Ethir Neechal’ and ‘Kaaki Sattai’, were based on some social issues, but narrated with some commercial elements. But when it comes to a political drama, Durai Senthil Kumar again tries to imprint the same elements out here, but it goes missing in parts. The first 40 minutes of the film lacks pace and is completely unwanted, where it takes more time for the establishment of characterizations. Apparently, the interim sequence running towards 30-40 minutes gets a gripping narration following which the final moments get too dragging. The film holds yet another problem for improper placement of songs, but gradually finds some engrossing moments in between. The interval twist is really stunning that none would have expected and so are few sequences in the second half. Background score by Santhosh Narayanan gets a substantial scope out here. Editing could have been better for there is no proper transition between the scenes. Cinematography is okay in few places and the picturing of songs are pretty good.


Dhanush has exerted his best into the roles as twin brothers. The body language and mannerisms that differ in both the characterizations are very well executed by the actor. Trisha with her gray shaded characterization excels to the core. In fact, Durai Senthil Kumar has sketched her characterization with intense depth of justifying the Good Vs Bad. SA Chandrasekaran does the best job with his naturalistic performance, especially during the first half. But sooner he gets disappeared. Others in the cast including Saranya Ponvannan, Kaali Venkat, Singam Puli and many others have done their best to the roles.

What works?

1. Dhanush and Trisha
2. Santhosh Narayanan
3. Basic premise of the story

What doesn’t work?

1. Editing
2. Screenplay sluggish in few parts

Overall, Kodi belongs to Dhanush and Trisha for their spellbinding performances in addition to Durai Senthil Kumar’s treatment of a political drama.

Verdict : Appealing in parts, except few scenes

Rating : 5/10

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