Savarakkathi gets an additional song

Music director Arrol Corelli has cited that there is an additional song in his upcoming film ‘Savarakkathi’, directed by Aaditya.

News 26-Oct-2016 12:38 PM IST RM Comments

Arrol Corelli intensely impressed us with his songs and background score ‘Pisasu’, directed by Mysskin. The film in spite of having a single track managed to win everyone’s hearts and not to miss his significant background score. The movie is directed by Aaditya and is produced by Mysskin, who is playing one of the lead roles alongside Ram and Poorna in other lead characters.

Sharing the wonderful experience of working with Mysskin, Arrol says that Mysskin has a wide knowledge for music and it’s always a pleasure working with him. In addition, he claims that Savarakkathi has an additional song, which was not released along with the album. This will be a song with montage of visuals, which would be appreciated by everyone.

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