Vikram’s Don’t Breathe remake clarified

Reports claiming Chiyaan Vikram doing Hollywood movie ‘Don’t Breathe’ remake has been denied.

News 17-Oct-2016 10:20 AM IST RM Comments

When a Hollywood flick with a prominent scope for performance clicks, the Desiwalas never miss to bring up the comparisons of what if my favourite star does this remake. It looks like ‘Don’t Breathe’ movie watching experience left audiences to think about nothing, but only to imagine the maverick actor Chiyaan Vikram, who is capable of doing such roles. Recently, there were claims getting to everyone’s excitements that the ‘Iru Mugan’ has been approached to do a remake of this film in Tamil, but talks are on initial levels. When approached the close sources, they reveal that it could be a mere rumour and no such things are happening for now. Vikram will soon start working on a quickie before kick-starting the shoot of Hari’s Saamy 2.

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