Remo Movie Review

Time-worn love story packaged with Sivakarthikeyan’s dedication and technical brilliance

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Direction : Bakkiyaraj Kannan
Production : 24AM Studios
Starring : Sivakarthikeyan, Keerthy Suresh, Satish, Saranya
Music : Anirudh
Cinematography : PC Sreeram
Editing : Ruben

From the debut filmmaker Bhagyaraj Kannan, ‘Remo’ featuring Sivakarthikeyan and Keerthy Suresh in lead roles has a worldwide release today. The film has a stunning bunch of technicians – PC Sriram (Cinematography), Anu (Costumes), Resul Pookkutty (Sound) and many more to add up.


Sivakarthikeyan plays an ordinary chap that you might find across your neighborhood and aspires to be a successful actor. His ambition towards acting are enormous and during this juncture comes across a beautiful girl Kavya (Keerthy Suresh). When his dream of love gets shattered as she is already engaged, he gets broken down and decides to focus on his acting. He disguises himself as a lady nurse for the acting audition for KS Ravikumar movie and again destiny bounces him towards Kavya and rest is a journey of how he manages to win her heart.


If you’re a general audience watching the film in theatres, the first person you would want to appreciate is none other than P.C. Sriram. He brings up the charms of magical visuals, where you’ll love every frame. Even if you’re watching the film in a theatre that has a low quality projection, you would definitely love the visuals. Debutant Bhagyaraj Kannan has crafted a tale that doesn’t go through any complications, but instead moves in pleasant style. But it’s quite a time-worn love story that we would have seen more than hundred times on the screens. Sivakarthikeyan’s makeover is incredibly at its best and the Weta Studio Workshop has done it remarkably at the best. Next comes the costume designing by Anu and Sivakarthikeyan owes a lot to her for offering him a makeover so stylishly. You can’t stop falling in love with Siva in every frame, especially in songs. The art department has embossed colours and rich flavours splashed up and it offers an aplomb feel. But in contrast, these technical brilliances doesn’t get synched with the plot and characterizations. Guess what? An ordinary boy from ordinary family background spending lavish money for grandeur to impress his girlfriend looks so odd. A normal middle class family boy wouldn’t be spotted sipping coffee at a five star hotel, isn’t it? Moreover, the emotional quotient between the protagonist and the little girl that you would see in the posters was expected to be a major highlight, but somewhere there is no depth in its focus. More than all, this is a film that would make a decent run in theatres with low-key publicity, but exaggerated promotions letting us pin up high expectations wouldn’t get well by the end of show.


Sivakarthikeyan has definitely put forth an immense hard work into this project and it is so much evident in every shot and scene. He has been improvising his proficiencies over the performance along with body language too. His disguised avatar as nurse Regina Motwani is at the best for you don’t see him in just a nurse costume, but lots of appealing dresses that would let you fall in love with him (LOL). Keerthy Suresh continues to offer the same mannerisms and spell of performance as in her erstwhile movies. She could little focus on shifting with different body languages. She looks beautiful and chubby, but we never see her role as doctor justified anywhere. Others in the cast have done their roles appropriately good. KS Ravikumar in cameo is good, Yogi Babu doesn’t get much to score and if his portions were extended, it would have be a huge laughter-riot. Satish uses too many double entendres and his role is limited too. Saranya Ponvannan as usual makes a good show.

What works?

1. Rich superior visuals by P.C. Sriram
2. Technical department including splendid costumes
3. Sivakarthikeyan’s dedication

What doesn’t work?

1. Stereotypical time-worn love story
2. Sluggish screenplay

Overall, Remo despites having some drawbacks would definitely impress the family audiences, specifically for this festive season of long holidays.

Verdict : Time-worn love story packaged with Sivakarthikeyan’s dedication and technical brilliance

Rating :5/10

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