Kodi Trailer Review

Kodi Trailer Review

Features 6-Oct-2016 12:26 PM IST RM Comments

Following ‘Thanga Magan’ and latest release ‘Thodari’, Dhanush gears up for a next big release titled ‘Kodi’, which has been creating an immense response among the fans prior to the release. The first look motion poster indeed created a huge curiosity leading to more expectations and now with the songs by Santhosh Narayanan getting decent reception, the theatrical trailer that was unveiled before few minutes has come up with a strong impact and appeal.

The film’s trailer showcases the apt mass sequences for Dhanush’s dual avatars. Moreover, the role as politician with beard look gives a strong impression on what could be the nature of this man. There are shots, where we see Dhanush and Trisha romancing, but by the end of trailer there happens to be a confronting dialogue between them. The arrival of other Dhanush showing him as a pampered kid in his home are perfect. He looks completely different and matured out here. The trailer doesn’t miss to show up with more characters and unlike many other trailers, Kodi directly gets us into the concept of main plot of what this story is all about as well. A nuclear power plant is being set up in a village and then it creates some unexpected twists among the characters involved.

Let us wait and watch how well the ‘Kodi’ flies and with trailer, Durai Senthil Kumar has offered a best package.

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