5 reasons to watch Rekka

Rekka Movie Preview

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Following back to back releases, Vijay Sethupathi will have his next big release tomorrow titled ‘Rekka’, which happens to be his first ever commercial movie in his career. We bring you 5 good reasons why this film will have a good reach among audiences.

1. Vijay Sethupathi has become the ultimate crowd puller in the recent times, where his movies are relentlessly getting more audiences irrespective of what genre the movies are. Apparently. This becomes the first and foremost factor for ‘Rekka’ show.

2. The combo of Vijay Sethupathi-Lakshmi Menon is something new that many would have not envisaged and their onscreen chemistry has been very well depicted as well.

3. The racy screenplay by Rathinam Shiva will keep audiences edge-seated throughout the show and it would be loaded with unlimited entertainment.

4. The star-cast apart from Vijay Sethupathi and Lakshmi Menon boasts of KS Ravikumar, Harish Uthaman, Satish, Kabir of Vedalam fame, Kishore and many others too. This will give surely an impression of family entertainer.

5. Musical score by D Imman has already become a decent hit and the song ‘Kanna Kaattu Podhum’ and ‘Virru Virru’ are already aired relentlessly on the FM channels.

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