STR’s ‘Peiyophobilia’ strikes it perfect

The new single track ‘Peiyophobilia’ crooned by STR for Anirudh’s composition in ‘RUM’ has captured with perfect spell.

News 23-Sep-2016 10:01 AM IST RM Comments

The first single track from ‘RUM’ titled Hola Amigo turned to be an overnight success with the fans and music lovers, who are incessantly playing the tracks in their list. Now the second single track from the album titled ‘Peiyophobilia’ has been unveiled yesterday and it has become an instant hit. The song is crooned by STR and the lyrical line speak about whether if there are real existence of ghost.

“The song actually happens in the movie at a point, where all the characters are so much vexed with the paranormal activities and after certain extent, decide to let loose,” says Hrishikesh, who is playing the lead role in this movie.

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