Trisha’s apology for ‘Nayagi’

Actress Trisha on her Twitter page apologized media channels for not being actively present during ‘Nayagi’ promotions.

News 16-Sep-2016 5:53 PM IST RM Comments

Actress Trisha had kept her fingers crossed upon the great success of this film ‘Nayagi’, which is releasing after a long hiatus today. When the entire team was busy promoting the film, Trisha wasn’t present during the event, which paved more ways to be doubted whether the actress has some issues with the film. In fact, the film is produced by her long time associate-manager Giri and as the issues were taken ahead vigilantly, Trisha came on Twitter page writing, “If I am not talking about or promoting my film, there are valid reasons for it. Apologies to my media friends and fans who have been asking me. I will personally make sure it is explained soon. Thank you all for the consistent support and love…”

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