Nayanthara’s ‘Dora’ is not a horror film

Unlike Maya, Nayanthara’s next release in solo lead isn’t a horror film, but a crime thriller.

News 13-Sep-2016 11:00 AM IST RM Comments

The first look was indeed a sensational moment, especially for Nayanthara fans and it was the first look of ‘Dora’. The picturing of this poster was indeed creating a hype that it could be a horror film, but it refuted by Dass Ramasamy, director of this film. Shedding more lights on the film, he says that the film is a crime thriller and has nothing to do with the horror aspects. Of course, it has some supernatural things with the apparition of ghost aspects. Getting on to speak about the title ‘Dora’ whether if it is inspired from the famous cartoon character to attract kids, he adds that the title is so much relevant to the film’s plot, which would be revealed during the show? It looks like the makers are planning to release by this Christmas.

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