Sasikumar’s surprise stroke with Chiyaan Vikram

It’s almost confirmed that Sasikumar will be wielding megaphone for Chiyaan Vikram’s film.

News 10-Sep-2016 10:54 AM IST RM Comments

Irrespective of results or reception, what really keeps one excited about Vikram is that his collaboration with filmmakers. After every film, it really keeps exciting to see who’s gonna direct him for his associations have always been with prominent filmmakers in town. Now after ‘Iru Mugan’, with many buzzes rounding up with many filmmakers, it finally lands up with Sasikumar. According to the sources, Sasikumar will be taking a break from acting and will resume his directorial venture with Chiyaan Vikram in lead role. We have to wait and watch whether the film would be a urban thriller or a tale set against the backdrops of rural as in usual paradigm of Sasikumar film.

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