Superstar Rajinikanth overwhelmed with ‘Oppam’

Recently, Superstar happened to watch the special screening of Mohanlal’s latest release Oppam.

News 9-Sep-2016 10:26 AM IST RM Comments

In spite of busy schedules and many commitments, Superstar Rajinikanth manages to watch the films that hit the expectation levels on his Radar. The recent one that he managed to schedule some time and watch was none other than Mohanlal’s Oppam, the latest thriller, directed by Priyadarshan, which was released yesterday... The film has been garnering good response across the centres for an unique plot and unparalleled narration. Touted to be an edge-seated thriller, the film features Mohanlal as a blind person, who is held as prime suspect for a murder. Maybe, it looks like Rajinikanth wanted to try this out if it would suit him for the regional remake. It is worth mentioning that Rajinikanth was initially approached for the remake of Mohanlal’s Drishyam.

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