Iru Mugan Movie Review

A gripping tale that could have been told in better way

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Direction : Anand Shankar
Production : Thameens Films (Shibu Thameens)
Starring : Vikram, Nayantara, Nithya Menen
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography : R. D. Rajasekhar
Editing : Bhuvan Srinivasan

The scintillating visuals in the teaser, mammoth locations and stupendous ‘Love’ and ‘Akilan’ avatars were more than enough to keep us hooked upon ‘Iru Mugan’. Vikram’s latest outing is an espionage thriller, directed by Anand Shankar that features Nayantara and Nithya Menen in female lead characters. Embossed with a much familiar team of technicians like Harris Jayaraj and RD Rajashekar, let us take a look on what works and what doesn’t…


Indian Embassy is attacked by an old man in a mysterious man in a phenomenal way and Malaysian Police and Intelligence Team has no clue until they find LOVE is the person behind this. A RAW agent under job suspension named Akilan (Vikram), who has lost his colleague-wife Meera (Nayantara) during an operation is brought back in action. He goes undercover with a young lady officer (Nithya Menen) and together discover it’s an Asthma inhaler spray that carries ‘Speed’ drug that will tend to boost up the adrenaline rush that pumps up excess energy. Now it’s up to Akilan to hunt down ‘Love’, whom he had already assassinated before 4 years as he and the entire RAW network believes.


Anand Shankar had crafted a much racy screenplay in his debut film ‘Arima Nambi’ that completely goes missing out here in this film. What is supposed to be an edge-seated thriller moves around with average momentum. If not for Vikram’s characterization as ‘Love’, the film would have been not so impressive work. Moreover, the play that involves Akilan, Meera and Love isn’t really gripping. More than 2 hours of show and we just see only a single scene of conflict between them, which involves the hospital episode. first half has some gripping moments, where the very prologue of this film with an old man attacking Embassy keeps us wondering what’s gonna happen for next. But then, it eventually drops down the pace, except few nail biting action sequences. The Twist during intermission, but it doesn’t hold the emotional depth of hero’s ‘Lost and Found’ moment. But the strained effort of Anand Shankar over coming up with a Sci-fi based concept really deserves good appreciations. The characterization of Vikram as ‘Love ‘is the greatest asset to this film… Harris Jayaraj’s ‘Halena’ is the only cherry pick out here and most of his background score remains so much on mediocre. The visuals by cinematography RD Rajashekar is extraordinary, especially in the songs.


Vikram doesn’t need a word to be analyzed on his performance. He just breathes completely into the roles of Akilan and Love. Especially, his performance as ‘Love’ remains to be an intriguing part of the tale. Nayantara has got nothing much to do here. Nayantara comes up with ramp walks in slow motion, skimpy and sultry costumes in songs and to utter by heart dialogues like CIA, RAW, Firewall, etc, etc… Nithya Menen looks bubbly and still reminds us of the beautiful ‘Tara’ from OKK. But disappointingly she rarely has a scene to perform. A stylish spy thriller and you’ve Thambi Ramaiah!!!! An intentional attempt to include commercial quotients, which doesn’t suit the space…

What works?

1. Vikram’s performance
2. RD Rajashekar’s visuals
3. Basic concept of Sci-Fi

What doesn’t work?

1. Screenplay, especially in second half
2. Logic missing
3. Characterizations

On the whole, Iru Mugan which is supposed to be an edge-seated thriller misses out the momentum in many episodes and except the performance of Vikram, specifically as ‘Love’, there is nothing that would really grip up the show.

Verdict : A gripping tale that could have been told in better way

Rating : 5/10

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