Dhanush’s debut directorial with Power Pandi

Actor Dhanush finally makes his debut directorial with the film ‘Power Pandi’, which features Raj Kiran in lead role.

News 7-Sep-2016 10:01 AM IST RM Comments

Actor Dhanush hailing from the family of talented power houses had been aspiring to make it bigger in his directorial venture. Finally, the big day arrives and Dhanush makes the announcement on his debut directorial for the film titled ‘Power Pandi’. The film stars veteran actor Raj Kiran, Prasanna, Chaaya Singh and few more prominent actors in lead roles. Velraj will be handling cinematography and Sean Roldan renders his musical score. The film is produced by Dhanush’s banner of Wunderbar Films and shoot begins today with a formal pooja. The entire Kollywood is stunned about the sudden news of surprise that is spreading with forest fire like wishes from entire film industry.

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