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Engrossing in spite of stereotypical Anirudh style

Music Reviews 6-Sep-2016 4:06 PM IST RM Comments

Having offered many hit albums over the years, Sivakarthikeyan and Anirudh are back with ‘Remo’, a breezy rom-com that features Keerthy Suresh in female lead role. The film is directed by debut filmmaker Bhagyaraj and is produced by RD Raja of 24AM Studios with P.C. Sriram handling cinematography.

Remo Nee Kadhalan
Vocals: Anirudh

A trending number that picks up some peppy instrumentals and it’s all about Anirudh magic that diminishes other elements out here. The song has its own tone and settles with an appropriate number for Sivakarthikeyan. We need to really get inquisitive on what would be the visual settings for this number cranked by P.C. Sriram.

Singer: Anirudh

The song has been carrying up all the charms from the moment it was launched as a single track. This is an instant hit that will be one of the best numbers in the zone of Anirudh. Although, the song has the usual pattern of Anirudh, it somehow manages to bring it up all at the best.

Vocals: Arjun Kannungo and Srinidhi Venkatesh

The mellisonant number has a middling voice by Arjun Kannugo and it gets overshadowed by instrumentals in few places. Nevertheless, Srinidhi Venkatesh brings up the best on her part and it should be getting better only with the visuals and we are sure P.C. Sriram should have something more engrossing out here.

Meesa Beauty
Singers: Richard and Anirudh

Not really a great number when compared to other songs in the album. It sounds like a montage number, where the hero’s transformation into a lady nurse would be showing up his daily encounters. Richard and Anirudh have given their best in vocalization. There are some places, where the fill-ins really capture our attention.

Singer: Santhosh Narayanan

Usually, this kind of songs would be generally crooned by Anirudh himself and he has opted to choose Santhosh Narayanan for a much better choice. The song indeed gets into the other level with his intonation. The beats too have a greater significance here and for sure, this will be trending in theatres with huge celebrations.

Vaadi En Tamil Selvi
Singer: Nakash Aziz

This belongs to the Anirudh’s pattern of musical score and there is no change in his way of approach. It looks like he would demand the same sort of lyrical lines with rhyming words at end. Nakash Aziz’s voice almost sounds similar to Anirudh. Maybe, it’s because of his usual style of composing. It is sure to become a major hit among teenage audiences.

Come Closer
Singer: Inno Genga

The song is a reprised version of ‘Sirikaathey’, which happens to be No. 3 in the album on track list. Yes, Inno Genga has tried to impress us with his subtle vocalism, but the intonating style mostly gets eclipsed by the instrumentals. However, the promotional video with visuals has already captivated our interests.

Overall, Anirudh comes up with some energetic numbers, but in many places they sound so much stereotypical as his erstwhile numbers. Maybe for certain seasons, teen audiences would love his musical score, but he has to attempt trying with different genres.

Verdict : Engrossing in spite of stereotypical Anirudh style

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