Don’t breathe Movie Review

A psychological thriller with 2-page dialogues but strong technical prowess.

Reviews 3-Sep-2016 5:50 PM IST Top 10 Comments

For the first ever time in the recent seasons, we get to see sound designers and editors standing out to be the major attractions in a movie. If you’re precisely looking out for the screenplay, we are sure you wouldn’t have anything to tell your friends or the ones asking the story for. Hardly there are around two pages of dialogues in this film and the scarcity of dialogues would surely kill you to the core. It’s a deserted locality in Detroit, where three burglars - Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Daniel Zovatto) and Money (Dylan Minette)actually plan up to loot valuables from the house of old blind man, who is grieving the demise of his daughter hit by a car accident. Everything goes perfect except the fact that they have zeroed in a wrong house and person inside isn’t someone to mess with.

Many after glimpsing on the details about the film would have envisaged it to be a horror flick, but it doesn’t deal anything with ghosts. In fact, this is a film that doesn’t match up to the genre of ‘Horror’, but stands closer to psycho-thriller. Last time, we saw certainly a film of this sort was none other than ‘The Hitcher’. But this film ‘Don’t Breathe’ is actually the best of this kind, but somewhere it scores brownie points and all credits goes to editors and sound designers. It looks like filmmaker Fede Alvarez had keenly made up his mind to bank all his hopes on these criteria.

There are few minuses in the film, especially the first 30 minutes of this movie, where you earnestly believe there isn’t anything out here. In Indian version, the first half has complete dearth of that thrill moments you want to get imbibed and scream out for. But again, the miniscule audiences would surely encourage this new-age psychological thriller, which keeps them awaited and what could be the end. Just as the characters are about to make the escapade, it’s not just the old man, but the terrorizing Rottweiler dog that encompasses a brawny baddie look. Especially the scene, where it keeps its roar in silhouette brings up a throttling excitement among the audiences on what could happen next.

But with the climax just happening over the ordinary ending, an unexpected twist that the female protagonist sees over the TV news channel offers a measurable Goosebumps too.

With nothing much to relish upon the not so-scary sequences, ‘Don’t Breathe’ is a movie that has some new-age elements that keeps us with adrenaline rush over the sound and editing.

Verdict : A psychological thriller with 2-page dialogues but strong technical prowess.

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