Kidaari Movie Review

Loaded with violence and action

Reviews 3-Sep-2016 3:40 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Prasath Murugesan
Production : Company Productions
Starring : M. Sasikumar, Nikhila Vimal, Napoleon, Suja Varunee
Music : Darbuka Siva
Cinematography : S. R. Kathir
Editing : Praveen Antony

Debut filmmaker Prasath Murugesan, former associate of Vasantha Balan make his maiden directorial with this film ‘Kidaari’ starring Sasikumar and Nikhila Varma in lead roles.


Set against the backdrops of Saathur, we see Kombaiyya Pandian (Vela Ramamoorthy) as a dreaded don, who has earned the wrath of many people out there in the locality for his dreams and dominations. Kidaari (Sasikumar) plays his loyal protector and is ready to do anything for him. With Kombaiyya often facing more problems, one day he is found being stabbed on his neck to almost death and the story unwinds towards several flashbacks on who could have committed this.


The film opens with the voice of who stabbed Kombaiyya Pandian and the suspects are unveiled through characters chronicling with episodes. Although, the film’s plot based on revenge and retaliation, debut filmmaker Prasath Murugesan has done a neat job with his narrative style, which keeps its engrossing in places. The sketch of every characterization has been done with neat and keen detailing. Especially the last few minutes of the film with a riveting climax manages to eclipse some of the diminishing elements in the film that includes serious and complex situations loaded with violence. Moreover, the songs and background score by Darbuk Siva and cinematography by Kathir are the greatest assets to this film. With the film lacking entertainment elements like fun and comedy, it could be a not so favourite pick of family audiences.


As usual Sasikumar enacting the role of Kidaari comes up with a perfect job doing the usual stuffs of action, violence, sickles and revenge. In spite of his good performance, we tend to get tired of seeing the stereotypical tales from Sasikumar often. Vela Ramamoorthy playing the role of Kombaiyya Pandian makes an impressive spell breathing more life into this role. Nikhila Varma engrosses us with her enchanting performance, especially her beauteous way of impressing of her beau. M. Ramasamy who plays the role of Kombaiyya Pandian’s accountant does a neat job. Others in the star-cast that loosens the knot of unveiling the suspense of murder mystery is very well etched.

What works?

1. Star-cast and performance
2. Characterization and making style of movie
3. Music and Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1. Usual pattern of revenge story
2. More violence
3. Film travels on serious plot and less entertainment

On the whole, although the film is based on complete violence and usual revenge style, the film keeps audiences engrossed for the gripping narration and making style.

Verdict : Loaded with violence and action

Rating : 4.5/10

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