Look, who missed the audio launch of ‘Kuttram 23’

The crime novelist Rajesh Kumar, the main source of inspiration for Arun Vijay’s Kuttram 23 based on his novel has missed the audio launch.

News 1-Sep-2016 11:16 AM IST RM Comments

While Arun Vijay has clarified his situation upon the recent turmoil that happened over the city, the actor looks confident over his upcoming film ‘Kuttram 23’. The film is directed Eeram fame Arivazhagan featuring Arun Vijay and Mahima of Sattai fame in lead roles. The audio and trailer launch of this film was confirmed on the spur of moment and the director seems to have invited the novelist Rajesh Kumar to be honoured during the occasion. Nevertheless, the novelist had to miss the event due to some reasons and he had showed up his kind gesture of explaining the situation on his micro-blogging page.

He wrote saying, “I am so much humbled about the gesture of Arivazhagan for inviting me to the occasion. My novel has been translated into movie ‘Kuttram 23’ and it gives immense pleasure to be recognized as an author. But with the last minute invitation, I am stuck in situations that couldn’t let me make it there. I wish the entire team, a huge success and I am so happy about the lovely nature of Arivazhagan, who wanted me to be honoured there.”

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