When Shankar stunned Chennai with ‘2.0’ shoot?

Filmmaker Shankar recently shot a bomb blast for the film ‘2.0’ in Saligramam, which shocked the entire surroundings.

News 1-Sep-2016 10:57 AM IST RM Comments

Following the tremendous success of ‘Kabali’, the entire country is looking out with high leveled curiosities upon Superstar Rajinikanth’s upcoming film ‘2.0’. The film has been generating huge hypes for the grand production values, star-cast and technical values. Now with major portions of the film already shot in high style, Shankar recently happened to shoot a particular sequence, which turned the entire surroundings of Saligramam, which is located at the heart of city. There happens to be a sequence in the movie, where a luxurious car has to be blasted and a container was made to be blasted, where the notorious noise and smoke created a huge turmoil among the residents over there. Nevertheless, Shankar and his team are so much happy that the scene has been very well shot and it would surely offer a stupendous impact on the screens.

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