Kuttrame Thandanai linked with recent murder issue

Sources claim that National award winning filmmaker Manikandan’s Kuttrame Thandanai has some links with recent murder issue in Chennai.

News 31-Aug-2016 10:29 AM IST RM Comments

National award winning filmmaker Manikandan is keeping his fingers crossed over his upcoming film ‘Kuttrame Thandanai’, which is hitting screens on September 2. The film features Viddarth, Aishwarya Rajesh and Rahman in lead roles, which revolves around a murder mystery. A girl is brutally murdered in the public and the culprit escapes with clean picture. But sooner with the arrival of police and detectives, it all takes a different turn in the tale. Many sources claim that the film has close relevance to the recent gruesome murder that happened in Chennai recently that shook the entire nation. Well, if it is really true or something of coincidence is we got to watch it over the screens.

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