Jayam Ravi’s Portugal show soon

Winning acclaims at Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival,  Miruthan will be premiered at MOTELX film festival.

News 26-Aug-2016 11:04 AM IST RM Comments

Jayam Ravi attempted to make a difference with his career graph and went ahead picking up ‘Miruthan’, which was the first ever South Indian film based on Zombie. The film not alone made a bigger way out here in Kollywood, but also managed to sweep the global audiences off their feet with its fascinating make and engrossing narration. The film had won incredible praises at Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival and is now getting screened at MOTELX Film Festival in Portugal country. The film’s duo Sakthi Soundarajan and Jayam Ravi as cited by the film’s end credits are planning to come up with the sequel titled ‘Miruthan 2’, which will happen after they complete their big budgeted film based on space thriller.

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