Ram Gopal Varma hurts Rajnikanth fans over Sudeep

Filmmaker tweeted something more controversial about Rajinikanth and Late actor Vishnuvardhan in comparison to Sudeep.

News 18-Aug-2016 11:00 AM IST RM Comments

Gone are those days, where RGV was highly appreciated for his maverick filmmaking style, but now with his movies relentlessly getting flunked in box office, he manages to hit headlines for his controversial tweets. Recently, he happened to attend the special screening of Sudeep’s recent release ‘Kottigobba 2’. Everything was fine and glee for Sudeep until he found himself in troubled waters, when Ram Gopal Varma took him on for comparison with Rajnikanth and Late actor Vishnuvardhan. He wrote on his Twitter page saying, “@KicchaSudeep I just saw kotigobba 2 and I honestly think u shud change ur name from Kiccha Sudeepa to Rajni Sudeepa…KicchaSudeep Saw Kotigobba..compared to ur performance in Kotigobba 2 Vishnuvardhan looks amateur n if his fans disagree they also amateur. U can any day do a Robot in ur sleep but Rajnikant can't do a Eega even in his dream..Respect (sic)…”

Sooner, Sudeep feeling the need to clear off the controversial moment to an end came up with his congenial tweet saying, “Thanks fr th appreciation sir....but I'm nowhere close nor a comparison to th two legends,,Vishnusir & Rajini Sir..(sic)…

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