Sivakarthikeyan’s fascination for Selfie cat

During the musical launch of ‘Meow’, Sivakarthikeyan was in awe of stupendous visuals and the Persian cat in the movie.

News 13-Aug-2016 10:15 AM IST RM Comments

Sivakarthikeyan is far-famed his simplistic and realistic speeches, where he doesn’t miss to appreciate even the smallest detailing of any visuals or songs that he is offered to go through. Such was the instance at audio launch of ‘Meow’ as he spoke uttering, “So far I have seen only black cats in the movie, but this is the first time, I am seeing a Selfie Cat – Persian Cat. I was so much spellbound this cat I saw in the visuals of this film. I am definitely sure that it is going to make it more appealing and engrossing for family audiences, especially kids.”

Meow is directed by Chinaas Palanisamy and is produced by Vincent Adaikalaraj of Global Woods Movies.

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