Joker Movie Review

Stirs up the thoughts

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Direction : Raju Murugan
Production : Dream Warrior Pictures
Starring : Guru Somasundaram, Ramya Pandian, Gayathri Krishnaa
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography : Chezhiyan
Editing : Shanmugam Velusamy

Writer-filmmaker Raju Murugan is known for his much pragmatic words made his debut directorial with the film ‘Cuckoo’ and after vivid travelling across the country had captured some interesting happenings that touches the core of lower middle and lower class strata of the society. This inspired him for the crafting of ‘Joker’ and let us sees how far it keeps us engrossed.


Set across the backdrops of a town in Dharmapuri, the film tale is about Mannar Mannan (Guru Somasundaram), who keeps raising his voice against the mishaps and odd factors of the society. His presence becomes a hurdle to almost everyone in the Collector office, police station, Court and almost for all the Government employees. The reason is his hilarious yet annoying protest like Tortoise protest, half naked protest, walking in reverse step protest that leaves them really irked up in accordance to the misdeeds and corruption of Government and its staffs….

Now the biggest question rises on what actually propelled him to take up such outlandish and compelling protests?


For the first ever time in Tamil film, you would see such an unusual introduction for a protagonist and don’t question us what’s it all about? This is something you’ve to grab with your own eyes at theatres as revealing it would be a spoiler. By the first 20 minutes of the film, where we see the protagonist stamping his presence at almost all the ranked Government offices, police stations and courts might create an impression among us that he is someone like a communist or agitated revolutionist. But as the story unwinds, we get to know his real identity and what are his intentions…. The flashback has been narrated with so much of realism laced with love, sentiments, village life and many more realistic factors.

Raju Murugan’s dialogue becomes the greatest highlights in this movie and there are many such instances, where theatres would surely get indulged in excessive applause and appreciations. Sean Roldan has made it more impactful with the rural based songs and it would have been nice, if he had focused more upon the background score. Moreover, in some of the most crucial sequences, where the backdrop score had to be more impactful, he misses to make it happen. Cinematography by Chezhian is so enchanting and more enlivening.


Winning huge appreciations for an incredible performances in the films like ‘Aaranya Kaandam’ and ‘Jigarthanda’, Somasundaram has breathed every bit of his soul into the role of ‘Mannar Mannan’. The realistic approach of his performance as innocuous man with selfless thoughts leaves our eyes moistened in many places. He is sure to make it best on awards list without fail.

Debut actor Ramya Pandiyan carves a niche with an impeccable performance and you wouldn’t believe if she is the same girl if you’re having her real life look. She has done a remarkable job. Gayathri Krishna is yet another embellishing stud to the film with her role as Isai. Be it her dialogue deliveries and body language, she takes a sleepwalk with best appeal Pava Chelladurai, a writer by profession has donned an important role in this movie. M. Ramasamy has come up with more efficient performance in the movie and his characterization is on pars with the protagonist and his episodes during the climax are outstanding.

What works?

1. Story line and dialogues by Raju Murugan
2. Performance
3. Cinematography by Chezhian and songs by Sean Roldan

What doesn’t work?

1. Background score
2. First 20 minutes that gives a ‘Documentary’ sort of impact

At this contemporary situation, where our busy laden days leave us unnoticed towards the protest and hunger fast that are prevalently happening across our country. But as you walk out of the theatres after watching this tale that deeply gets into the theme, you get to see who in reality the ‘Joker’ is...

Verdict : Stirs up the thoughts

(Since we cannot rate the film Joker on commercial aspects, we have avoided the ratings.)

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