Are Ajith Kumar and Shankar on talks?

Sources claim that Ajith Kumar and director Shankar are likely to come together in 2018 for a big budgeted action thriller.

News 8-Aug-2016 10:47 AM IST RM Comments

Indeed, a long term curiousness that has been relentlessly kicking up with huge sensational aspects. Not just as Ajith Kumar fans, but a much happening buzz among common audiences who want to see this combination. Over the past 10 years, there have been many instances, where we got to see the headlines about Ajith Kumar and Shankar teaming up, but it didn’t happen due to some reasons. Now we get to hear through some confidential sources that Shankar has managed to complete the script for a stunning action thriller, which he prefers Ajith Kumar would do the right justice. However, nothing is on the confirmation phase as it’s too early for both the sides to make an affirmation. Right now, Ajith Kumar is busy shooting for his upcoming film ‘AK 57’ and Shankar halfway with 2point0 starring Superstar Rajinikanth in lead role. Already, there have been many claims that Vikram is gearing up Anniyan 2 with Shankar and yet another sensational headlines was the director bringing Vijay and Vikram together for a movie.

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