Namadhu Movie Review

Tests your patience to core

Reviews 6-Aug-2016 1:42 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Chandrasekhar Yeleti
Production : Rajini Korappatti
Starring : Mohanlal, Gautami
Music : Mahesh Shankar
Cinematography : Rahul Srivastav

The trilingual film ‘Namadhu’ starring Mohanlal, Gautami and few other prominent actors is an anthology of four stories, directed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti.


Mohanlal works in a good position at a Supermarket and his wife Gautami is a homemaker. Their elder son Vishwanth is a college student and their youngster daughter Raina Rao is at school. All these four characters face different encounters that are narrated as different stories together, which on parallel tracks influence each others’ lives.


Filmmaker Chandrasekar Yeleti has crafted a gripping tale in this film that involves Mohanlal’s tricky attempts to get into the good pages of his head for promotions. This eventually starts up the series of unexpected twists and turns in the event, which lands up other characters into some issues forms crux of the story. The portions involving Mohanlal has been done with excellence. But when it comes to other plots and characterizations, the gripping elements go missing. In the tale of thriller, some logical quotients go missing and this instantly tests the patience of audiences in many places. Nevertheless, all the four tales coming together to convergence by climax has been very well shot that keeps you so much intense. What we expect usually from the films of this genre are editing, but here it goes missing without proper transitions and so are songs and background music. But the spectacular visuals by Rahul Shrivatsav are really outstanding and he has done a remarkable job with cinematographic arena.


When comparing with his previous movies, Mohanlal has used the Malayalam native slang in many parts, but his performance as usual is mind-boggling. Gautami has carried forth her role with beautiful act. Vishwanth and Hanisha Amrish as young lovers capture our hearts with splendiferous performance. The young girl Raina Rao does her portions well. Oorvasi who appears as the friend of Gautami, Nasser and Chandramohan Golappudi Maruthi Rao have made their acting beyond excellence.

What works?

Entire star-cast especially Mohanlal and Gautami

What doesn’t work?

Slow paced screenplay
Lack of entertainment factors.
Music and Editing….

The film’s premise although is appreciable, it lacks right momentum and it gradually starts testing the patience of audiences.

Verdict : Tests your patience to core

Rating : 3.5/10

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