Thirunaal Movie Review

Overall, a disappointing movie

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Direction : P. S. Ramnath
Production : Kodhandapani Films
Starring : Jiiva, Nayanthara
Music : Srikanth Deva
Cinematography : Mahesh Muthuswami
Editing : V. T. Vijayan, T. S. Jay

Noise, smoke and what else? You’ve almost all the pollution that could be dominating in the film ‘Thirunaal’. The film directed by P.S. Ramnath starring Jiiva and Nayantara in lead roles and is produced by M. Senthil Kumar.


Set against the backdrops of Tanjore, Blade (Jiiva) has been working for a big goon (Sharath Lohithaswa). Blade does every wrong deed in looting the property and even killing anyone who comes against his boss. Sharath’s partner is a goodwill man running an industry and his daughter Vidya (Nayantara) is a Tomboyish girl. Both Blade and Vidya fall in love and sooner some unexpected events create havoc in their relationship.


It’s really speculative to dissect or analyse the episodes of this film for it travels completely in an uninteresting style. Right from the beginning till end, we are kept on patience check. The director spends more than 30 minutes to establish characters and another 30 minutes for the actual conflict to pop up and post-intermission it’s really disturbing to see the story travels in vague manner without any focus or intention. The basic premise of the story itself is an outdated version of what we have been seeing on the screens for years and years. The characterizations are so dull and it’s really annoying to see that every actor is either boozing or smoking and they do nothing. Some sort of suspense is maintained with Karunaas and as we expect something that might bring up as a twist, it’s too late that gets revealed almost at climax. Musical score by Srikanth Deva who has re-launched himself with new name is simply average. The songs are placed at unwanted places and they are nowhere closer to the screenplay. Cinematography is good in few places and there is nothing much else on the technical department.


Something that really keeps you wondering throughout the film is that how come Jiiva and Nayantara gave a nod to this script. There isn’t even a single scene that actually exhibits their prowess and remembers what they did last time together in ‘Ee’. Having taken that in reference, this film literally turns out to be a disappointment. Jiiva appearing as mass hero always smoking, boozing and showing his expertise in grinding blade and spitting on faces makes no sense. Nayantara trying to be cheerful and lively doesn’t work out in many places. The baddie Sharath has done his best in doing justice to his performance, but even his role is so much amateurish and doesn’t get you appreciate that. Karunaas doesn’t get much scope. Neeya Naana fame Gopinath appears and disappears the very next minute in many scenes.

What works?

1. Jiiva-Nayantara
2. Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

Almost every aspect of narrative and technical part doesn’t work here in Thirunaal.

Although nothing to blame on the outdated plot, it would have been a better show even with some engaging screenplay, which doesn’t happen here.

Verdict : Overall, a disappointing movie.

Rating : 3.5/10

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