Third heroine confirmed for Vijay 60

Following Malayalam actresses Keerthy Suresh and Aparna Vinod, Vijay 60 has now signed Bengali actress Papri Ghosh for another female lead.

News 5-Aug-2016 10:45 AM IST RM Comments

Much bigger and stunner could be the right terms to ennoble the film ‘Vijay 60’. Even the title is yet to be confirmed and it all makes an impressive attempt of bringing forth more excitements among the fans. Apart from the ‘Vijay’ factor, the interesting star-cast has been adding up the charms that includes the beautiful heroines – Keerthy Suresh and Aparna Vinod. While the makers were looking for one more heroine, they have now finalized Bengali actress Papri Ghosh. The film is directed by Bharathan of Azhagiya Tamizh Magan fame and is produced by Vijaya Productions with Santhosh Narayanan composing music.

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