When Vijay fans surprised Vikram Prabhu

Vikram Prabhu during his recent shoot at outskirts of Chennai was spellbound over the warm greetings from Vijay fan club.

News 2-Aug-2016 5:55 PM IST RM Comments

Vikram Prabhu has been showing up his reverence for both Ajith Kumar and Vijay and of course to every big star. But there was something he witnessed beyond his expectations. Recently, the actor was shooting for his upcoming film ‘Mudi Sooda Mannan’ that features Manjima Mohan in female lead role. As the shoot was set in the backdrops of Ponneri, the people out there happened to show up more welcome to the actor. Moreover, he was surprised to see the zonal Vijay fans club members greeting him with huge garlands and sharing their wishes. The actor was so elated that Vikram spoke from the heart to them saying, “This is the first time I am getting such a great welcome from Vijay fans. I am so happy about it…”

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