“Travel across country inspired me to make Joker” – Raju Murugan

Critically acclaimed filmmaker Raju Murugan after ‘Cuckoo’ gears up for the release of second outing titled ‘Joker’.

News 30-Jul-2016 10:04 AM IST RM Comments

Even a smallest thing over a long journey can inspire you upon millions, especially for a writer like Raju Murugan illustrious for his realistic stories based on poverty. His upcoming film ‘Joker’ too is based on the same concept, where he cites that the film wouldn’t be too preachy, but has some pragmatic scenario of poverty and basic needs of women, laced with a cute love story.

Says Raju Murugan, “Soon after my first film, I happened to travel all over the country and found certain things among the people with poverty and this inspired me to write a plot based on this.” The film stars Jigarthanda fame Guru Somasundaram as the protagonist in this political satire, which is getting ready for release in August 12th.

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