Anu reveals the brand of Superstar’s Kabali blazers

Costume designer Anu Vardhan reveals that blazer brands that she used for Rajinikanth in ‘Kabali’

News 28-Jul-2016 4:25 PM IST RM Comments

It’s been a long time, who happened to see Rajinikanth completely in blazers throughout the movie and in ‘Kabali’, the blazers indeed become an intriguing part as even there are some dialogues revolving around. Pa. Ranjith feeling the essence of prominence signed up Anu Vardhan, who is known for her versatile style of exotic costumes. Recently opening up on the experience working with Superstar Rajinikanth, she says that Hackett, a famous brand from London was actually used for Rajinikanth to fit his empyreal look. She also cites that she had designed unique blazers with linen cotton wool that would give a stunning look.

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