Mel Naatu Marumagan – A saga of emotions and reality

The film is based on a young man’s dreams to marry a foreign girl, which takes through more issues.

News 28-Jul-2016 12:12 PM IST RM Comments

Initially, when Venkat Prabhu had made ‘Goa’, it had taken a huge mix of reviews, where we got to see rural guys escaping to Goa for marrying foreign girls only to get settled there. Now, there seems to be a similarity with ‘Mel Naatu Marumagan’, where we find the protagonist (Raj Kamal) wanting to marry a foreign girl (French actress Andrean), directed by debut filmmaker MSS. The film is about a guy who works as a tourist guide and manages to win the heart of a foreign girl, which happened to be his dream. But on his way there in abroad country having made big luxury and money, he realizes that he is missing his very own culture. Shot across major portions of Mahabalipuram and Rameshwaram, MSS says that Andrean had played a small role in Rajini Murugan and that he happened to meet her at Auroville, where the discussed the project and she immediately gave a nod to this script.

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