Superstar Rajinikanth’s thanksgiving letter

Soon after arriving at Chennai, Superstar Rajinikanth writes an open letter to all media and fans.

News 26-Jul-2016 6:08 PM IST RM Comments

Much more than the grand opening of ‘Kabali’, the fans of Superstar Rajinikanth curiously awaited his arrival at Chennai. With the fans and media channels inquisitively looking up for his words, the actor has written his letter to them that says, “I had been consistently working upon couple of projects for Shankar’s 2.0 and Ranjith’s Kabali and I felt that my body and mind needed some rest. So I decided to take a break for couple of months and rested at USA along with my daughter Aishwarya. Now I am back to Chennai, my homeland with more joy and happiness with more strength of mind and body. Moreover, my joy is so much unconditional to see the grand and great response for Kabali. I thank each and everyone from the ‘Kabali’ crew, especially producer Dhanu and Ranjith, media friends, fans …”

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