Karuankaran gets ready for hat-trick now

Following Uppu Karuvaadu and yet to release ‘Kanneer Anjali’, comedy actor Karunakaran has been now signed to play the lead role in a new film titled ‘Podhu Nalan Karudhi’.

News 26-Jul-2016 9:44 AM IST RM Comments

Within a short span of time, comedy actor Karunakaran has won the hearts of many over the tinsel town. His naturalistic performance in tickling our funny bones and at the same time emoting very well to all situations in the movies has earned him a special status. This indeed had taken him for a greater response and was signed by Radha Mohan to play lead role in ‘Uppu Karuvaadu’, a comedy caper. Now he is repeating the protagonist’s role in new film titled ‘Podhu Nalan Karudhi’, which also features Adith, Santosh, Anu Sitara and Leesha alongside him in lead roles. The film is about the bunch of youngsters from the rural areas embarking on their journey to city for a better life, which in adverse gets them into unwanted troubles. How they manage to overcome the hurdles and get out of the troubled waters forms crux of the story. The film is directed by debutant Zion and the shooting commenced yesterday in the Chennai city. It is worth mentioning that Karunakaran has completed shooting for his second outing in lead role for ‘Kanneer Anjali’.

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