What doctors have advised Kamal Haasan now?

The Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan has been advised to go through one month of long bed rest to ameliorate his compound fracture.

News 25-Jul-2016 10:31 AM IST RM Comments

An unfortunate halt for Kamal Haasan as he had to succumb towards a deplorable situation of getting his legs fractured. It all happened as he fell down from the stairs before couple of weeks at his office. With the actor slightly having his health ameliorate, he has been asked to remain under observation at hospital for few more days. The doctors have indeed advised him to take rest for a month long time and this will keep the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Sabaash Naidu’ on hold for a month. It is confirmed that the shoot will be resumed by the month of September. So might be pushing the theatrical release of this comedy thriller either to yearend of preferably 2017. The film was initially supposed to be directed by Malayalam filmmaker Rajeev Kumar, but on the spur of moment due to the sudden sickness at Los Angeles, the director was admitted at hospital and Kamal Haasan took up the directorial task.

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