Suriya – The warrior of light and inspiration

Suriya – The warrior of light and inspiration

Features 23-Jul-2016 12:12 PM IST RM Comments

Whom do we call a warrior? The one who confronts the baddies and negativities around the atmosphere and this is something you could see in movies. But who is a warrior in real life? Maybe, the one stands up for the right against the societal odds or something more to speak about the heroic deeds. There might be many synonymous adjectives, but the biggest of all is the one who confronts within oneself without giving up the will power, fighting against the negatives within and trying to come up beating all the odd things. When someone is involved in confrontations and conflicts within oneself, the world will look upon him.

Suriya has been such a genuine exemplification of such personality. It doesn’t matter if one has a film background or not. At end of the day, everyone has to come up with such will power, discipline and passion.

To see the success of light, one should have come across the paths of darkness, where the disappointments and mockeries were made.

Suriya has been such a great eminent personality, who withdrew from taking the pain up respecting the criticisms and then made an impulsive action. Respecting elders in the industry, taking the right instructions and just going by their words, with the cognizant choice of movies, today he stands out as one of the most magnificent actors of Tamil film industry.

We at Top 10 Cinema extend our Birthday wishes to Suriya that he may continue to accomplish and conquer more roles and experiments

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