5 Greatest attractions of Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali

Kabali Movie Preview

Previews 20-Jul-2016 2:25 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Of course, ‘Rajinikanth’ itself is a brand and nothing can be greater or bigger than this brand to draw crowds to the theatres. Much more than promoting a movie, this phase of ‘Kabali’ has become a great model of business management as well. We bring you five greatest attractions that Kabali has become the cynosure of global realms.

1. After a very long time, this is the first ever time Rajinikanth is acting in a film made by younger and pretty new league of actors and technicians. Be it filmmaker Pa. Ranjith, who is just 2-films old or the star-cast including Radhika Apte, everyone are at their middling phase of their career and it’s really a big surprise.

2. The film has managed to touch the nook, corner and far-flung corners of the globe for being the country’s first ever movie to get so many views over YouTube. This has made the global spotlights turned up on the film now. In fact, this is the one and only teaser to have gained so much of Likes as well.

3. The commercial business of this film much during the pre-release phase itself has touched the pinnacle of never-seen before scenario. This is the first ever time, a flight has been designed with movie design and a special flight package from Bengaluru to Chennai to watch the film.

4. This is the first ever Indian movie to be promoted on a Gold and Silver Coin, which has become so much enthralling.

5. This is the one and only dubbed movie from Tamil to Hindi, which has got such a mammoth promotions on the roads of Mumbai, Flash Mob and almost all the biggest sensations.

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