Kollywood’s holiday on July 22

Most of the shootings are taking break at least rescheduling their shoots. All for the sake of Big Day – Kabali release.

News 19-Jul-2016 11:25 AM IST RM Comments

For many it has been Rajinikanth jokes and most of the times, it has been believed to be true and it is worthy of believing them as well. With the most expected film ‘Kabali’ hitting screens on July 22, we have been seeing many leave letters based on Kabali being circulated. But the fact is that many are taking leave from their office firms and it is getting relentless. Well, the showbiz isn’t an exception for many shootings are being rescheduled and called off as well. Many over the Twitter pages including Adhik Ravichandran have tweeted saying that STR has arranged FDFS tickets for Kabali and even the same with Kuttram 23 crew that consists of Arun Vijay, Arivazhagan and many others.

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