Premam director’s special edit for Mohanlal film

Alphonse Puthren has edited the trailer of Mohanlal’s upcoming film ‘Oppam’, a thriller directed by Priyadarshan.

News 18-Jul-2016 11:16 AM IST RM Comments

Everyone out there in the South industry, especially the ones from Kerala industry adore Priyadarshan as their mentor and appreciate his versatility. Many of the leading film personalities, even today want to work at least as his assistant director. So is Alphonse Puthren, the man behind the great blockbuster Premam. It is worth mentioning that Alphonse is a good editor and does the cuts for his very own films and witnessing his greater style of edit, Priyadarshan looked up for his help in editing the trailer of his upcoming film ‘Oppam’ starring Mohanlal in lead role. Apparently, a picture involving Alphonse in the trailer was recently posted on the micro-blogging page.

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