AGS Cinemas clasps ‘Kabali’ now

The leading theatre and distribution group AGS Cinemas has now taken up Chengalpat rights of Kabali from Jazz Cinemas.

News 18-Jul-2016 10:56 AM IST RM Comments

Things are getting bigger and much bigger with Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali. With the booking plans opening up last night across worldwide, it has turned to be more exciting for the fans as they are vigorously involved in the booking of tickets. While Jazz Cinemas had taken up the Tamil Nadu distribution rights of the film, it has now sold the Chengalpat theatrical rights AGS Cinemas. While the film is getting released on July 22, the fans all over the world are getting too exhilarated for the big day. Sathyam Cinemas opened the bookings last night within a span of five hours, the entire first three days got booked up.

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