42mins wrapped and edited for Sabash Naidu

42mins wrapped and edited for Sabash Naidu

News 8-Jul-2016 11:17 AM IST RM Comments

Kamal Haasan makes impressive formulae in not just his contents, but in filmmaking style too. The actor-producer at the moment has been trying up with the simultaneous shoot and post-production works. Just before few minutes, Kamal Haasan on his micro-blogging page wrote, “42+ minutes edited length in each language. + 1 song with Shruti completed. Looking good. Kundu and Naidu have a life of their own.” (SIC)…

It is well known that Kamal Haasan is separately shooting for different versions in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu separately. In a shorter span of time, he has managed to get the final cut version of 42 minutes of each version, which is absolutely an incredulous accomplishment. The film is directed by Rajeev Kumar, but due to some health issues, Kamal Haasan had to take up the task of wielding the megaphone.

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