Dhillukku Dhuddu Movie Review

Except 20 minutes of play, remaining parts are boredom

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Direction : Rambala
Production : Sri Thenandal Films
Starring : Santhanam, Shanaya
Music : S. Thaman
Cinematography : Deepak Kumar Pathy
Editing : Gopi Krishna

From the most celebrated TV spoof show ‘Lollu Sabha’, here comes ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu’ starring Santhanam and Shananya in lead roles with Ram Bala wielding the megaphone. The film has musical score by Thaman and cinematography by Deepak Kumar.


When the childhood friends – Santhanam and Shananya fall in love many years after their reunion, the latter’s father creates a hassle feeling pride about the status. When things fall out of his control, he hatches plans with the help of contract killer (Naan Kadavul Rajendran) to bump off the protagonist. They now decide to execute a new plan – Chisel both the family members saying the marriage would happen at a guest house on Hill Top and stealthily murder Santhanam by using ghost tricks. Unfortunately, the bungalow is already haunted for centuries, where a Chinese Monk who tried to capture it has fell into coma as well.


Nothing impressive to analyze upon this film except the few sequences that limits itself to 20 minutes out of this long run drama. The first half lacks a complete plot and it’s nowhere closer to the premise of what the drama is set against. While the prologue looks so interesting with the hill top haunted bungalow and the CG works too very impressive, what we get for the next one whole hour is a dull flimsy narration. As we approach the intermission, the paranormal activities in the forest laced with humour raises the radar of momentum and just as you’re getting ready for the chills and thrills in latter part, what we get is really a huge disappointment. Technically, Cinematographer Deepak Kumar has done a great job cranking shot with best light effects indoors. Background score by Karthik Raja in some spine chilling moments raises the eeriness and when it comes to songs, Thaman badges up the Andhra Masala flavour. Editing by Gopi Krishna is groovy in few places.

Yes, we all know that horror-comedy films cannot boast of logic and we get prepared to witness it all just for the sake of one thing. The film comes from the team of ‘Lollu Sabha’ and disappointingly, when you extract interesting scenes out of this 2 hour plus drama, you get an exact spoof show ‘Lollu Sabha’ of just 25 minutes, which you could watch like a show on TV.


Santhanam has undergone a vivid change in his looks and body language. He has improved his means of performance and in every dance moments, we get to see that he is filled with a strong ambition to join the A-league club. But he has a long way to go and we advise that he better sticks to his comfort zone. The hilarious Santhanam is missing in many places and others in the star-cast too don’t savour up our tastes. Naan Kadavul Rajendran needs a temporary suspension from the screens. Every Friday features him in a role as producers believe he is crowd pulling factor, but on contrary, we are so tired just like ‘Ennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma’ versions. Shananya looks like a hunger-prone Hansika Motwani version as she looks soulless in her characterization. Anand Raj, Karunaas and others offer some solace through humour along with Santhanam. Shaurab Shukla steals the show with his funny villainous avatar.

What works?

1. 20-25 minutes of gripping moments in second half.
2. Casting of actors

What doesn’t?

1. Screenplay, especially first half
2. Songs

Overall, the film fails to live up to our expectations because of having too many weak sequences and Santhanam fans would be disappointed to miss his usual witticism in many portions. Moreover, the film’s title ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu’ doesn’t carry any significance with the story.

Verdict : Except 20 minutes of play, remaining parts are boredom.

Rating : 4/10

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