Sultan Movie Review

A tale of high-spirits, ambitions and pure love

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Most of the sports based film that we have often witnessed on the screens would be involved rapid cuts. In particular, the journey would comprise of a man’s rise and fall and again the rise of phoenix. It all occurs to be the same with Salman Khan-Anushka Sharma starrer ‘Sultan’ directed by Ali Abbas Zafar that opens bigger across the world today. But there seems to be a slightest difference that makes this film so much unparalleled and unique. The film traverses through the ups and down in the life of Sultan, whose motto is based on the ‘LOVE Vs EGO’ that influences his life vividly.

One thing that strikes spectacularly about this film is that in spite of the running length that almost touches 180 minutes, but then it doesn’t stumble down anywhere and the script work is so much incise and intact that it doesn’t turn out to be fallible anywhere. It is quite evident that Ali Abbas Zafar has exerted more efforts upon crafting an engrossing screenplay that blatantly carries the great contribution of editing and background score. In many places, we don’t find the dialogues and it’s the montages blended with a compelling background score that conveys more emotions. The emotional impact is the more intriguing element that keeps you so much imbibed throughout the movie. There are many instances that include Salman Khan losing to the wrestlers at Haryana training academy and we hear him say ‘Farmers and Wrestlers have one thing in common, both involves the strength of sand and mud. Today, I got to know about my status and I will back in a month time to retaliate…” Similarly, the intermission sequence punches the soul with irresistible emotions, everything in life looks desolated and we as an audience wonder what’s hereafter. The director has managed to make a clear point of bringing emotions in every characterization that strongly appeals throughout the show. Be it the young rich guy who comes to speak about the business deal with protagonist and later repents followed by the episodes involving Salman Khan and Randeep Hooda. Anushka Sharma delivers a priceless performance, where she reflects a lady giving up her dreams for the sake of her spouse and later the unexpected pain splitting them up.

A detailed research over the wrestling game, where nothing seems to be an artificial quotient is worthy of appreciations. Right from the referees and the ring keepers, you find everyone so much perfectly sketched with their characterizations and appearance.

Overall, Sultan isn’t just a sports film that would have a regular pattern, but it balances well with drama, emotions, some humour and much more than anything a beautiful love story that has been missing love story for a very long time in Bollywood. Salman Khan just eclipses his very own performance in erstwhile movies and recreates a new status of being an exceptional performer here.

Verdict : A tale of high-spirits, ambitions and pure love

Rating : 7/10

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