One more push for Kabali release

The recent click of ‘Kabali’ banner in Malaysia claims the release date to be July 29.

News 4-Jul-2016 10:03 AM IST RM Comments

Non-stop mode of celebrations and the fans of Superstar Rajinikanth have been unceasingly getting to the peak of their excitements for witnessing their matinee idol through ‘Kabali’ on the screens. Moreover, with both the teasers getting them to the uncontrollable invigorations, what keeps them more agitated is the shifting of release dates. It has almost passed through all the Fridays of this month starting with July 1, then July 8 to July 15, July 22 and finally the new poster spotted in Malaysia claims July 29. But we have to keep one thing in accord that Kalaipuli S Dhanu has never made any announcement of release till the date and it is his word that everyone keeps waiting for.

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