Paisa Movie Review

A surprising tale but packaged with flawed writing

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Direction : Abdul Majith
Production : Confident Film Cafe & RK Dream World
Starring : Sriram, Aara, Naaser, Mayilsamy, Rajasimman
Music : J.V
Cinematography : K.P Velmurugan
Editing : S.P Ahamed

Following his directorial journey filled with Vijay’s Tamizhan followed by Thunichal, Abdul Majeed is back after a long hiatus with the movie ‘Paisa’ starring Goli Soda fame Sriram in lead role.


Sriram is seen as a rag picker in Chennai city and he falls in love with Aara, who works at a supermarket, who never desires for others’ money. During this juncture, when a bigwig businessman Madhusudhan Rao dumps out Rs.100Crore through Rowdy Raja Simman near the Coovum banks. Meanwhile, the bulk amount is spotted by Sriram and he starts leading a luxurious life and everything is heavenly until it starts haunting his personal happiness. On the other end, the hooligans get to know that the money is with Sriram and start hunting for him. Will the little lad be able to survive the game of king pins and will be able to unite with his ladylove forms crux of the story.


The basic concept of this film – Money cannot buy happiness and when earned with hard work alone can give peace of mind. This is a beautiful message that Majeed tries to handle and project in this movie, but it doesn’t get a proper treatment of narration. Most of the sequences in the film look alike the identical replica of many famous movies, which gets us to enjoy the show only to a certain extent. But Majeed has done a great research work into the rag pickers’ lives on their ethics followed in their profession too. It would have been nicer if Majeed had tried to exert more emotional contexts into the movie with equal proportions of entertainment factors.


Sriram has done a neat job as Rag Picker and in many places, we can see his matured performance. It looks like having worked with Kamal Haasan in ‘Papanasam’ seems to have brought forth a signified elegance in his performance. But his makeover could have been yet more better.. The female lead actress – Aara is simply at her best, where she gets to score more brownie point with a naturalistic performance. She possesses a lookalike trait of ‘Kadhal’ fame Sandhya and that’s her plus too. Nasser appears in very miniscule portions as Income Tax officer, but his performance is beyond extraordinary appeal. Sendrayan playing the role of Sriram’s acquaintance is flawless.

What works?

1. Unusual and unique plot and premise
2. Comedy and couple of songs

What doesn’t work?

1. Apart from the above cited traits, rest of the aspects is bounded to the flip side.
2. Although, the plot is appreciable, it fails to keep the audiences engrossed with a much convincing screenplay.

Verdict : A surprising tale but packaged with flawed writing

Rating : 3.5/10

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