Appa Movie Review

A socially responsible film

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Direction : Samuthirakani
Production : Naadodigal Productions
Starring : Samuthirakani, Thambi Ramaiah, Namo Narayana
Music : Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography : Richard M. Nathan
Editing : A. L. Ramesh

Samuthirakani has been part of many socio-based films that includes Sattai and now we see in a similar avatar in ‘Appa’, which is directed and produced by him as well. The film traverses through the lives of four unique fathers and how they bring up their children.


Samuthirakani plays the role of a father, who recognizes the talents of his son and pampers him accordingly focusing on this strength. Then, there is Thambi Ramaiah, who wants his son to score State Level No.1 and Namo Narayanan wants his son to be so calm and almost like an introvert without causing any issues. Finally, there is a Dindukal Alex, who lives with a motto that parents’ duties are to provide education and it’s up to Children’s duty to accomplish with what they want. The complete film focalizes on these four fathers and who among them is best.


This film easily connects with many among the audiences as we would have come across such reflections in our very own lives. Samuthirakani has taken scrutinizing efforts over including most of the realistic elements that are happening at contemporary society. It so much illustrious with different dimensions of father’s characterizations as in case of Samuthirakani, where he keeps maintaining the serenity in spite of his wife urging their son for admission in English medium. But at the same time, encourages his son to accomplish with the Guinness record is something more appealing. Then there is Thambi Ramaiah, who in many places seems to be reminding us off his ‘Sattai’ avatar and the surprise he gets from his son by the end of film is appreciable. Namo Narayanan’s characterization has been sketched equal prominence in different shade, where he believes himself to be a genuine man, but feels envy about the way Samuthirakani has brought up his son. Although few sequences are too dramatic, Samuthirakani sticks to the concept of offering some best messages to the society through this film. Narrative effort by Samuthirakani gets more enlivened with the musical score of Ilayaraja.


Samuthirakani is known as an actor who takes cakewalk in any role offered to him and this one isn’t an exception. He clearly offers the best with effortless gestures yet convincing. There are certain instances in the film, where he tries to go compromised with his wife taking wrong decision and the situations, when he goes in search of his missing son, he is just beyond brilliance with performance. Vignesh of ‘Kaaka Muttai’ fame who plays the son of Samuthirakani has done yet more finely greater job. Raghav appearing as Thambi Ramaiah son, Nasath as Namo Narayanan son and Gabirella who acts as Alex’s daughter – All these younger cast has done a fantabulous job and not to miss the performance of Yuvashree. Who stands out among them is the kid who always keeps tickling our funny bones but by the end leaves our eyes moistened with his poetry recital is magnificent. As usual Thambi Ramaiah is perfect, but in few places over acts to the situations. Ramamoorthy, Vinodhini, Preethi, Dileepan and others have done what is required for the role.

What works?

1. Good social message
2. Casting and performance of every actor

What doesn’t work?

1. Some sluggish moments in the screenplay with logic slightly missing in places.

On the whole, the film is a socially emotional film that has feel good moments with strong message upon the universal audiences on how kids should be pampered and brought up properly.

Verdict : A socially responsible film

(Since we cannot rate the film Appa on commercial aspects, we have avoided the ratings.)

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