Raja Mandhiri Movie Review

A decent laughter riot

Reviews 27-Jun-2016 2:59 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Production : Etcetera Entertainment, PG Media Works
Direction : Usha Krishnan
Starring : Kalaiarasan, Kaali Venkat, Shalin, Bala Saravanan, Vaishali
Music : Justin Prabhakaran
Camera : PG Muthiah
Editing : Selva RK

When it comes to Fridays, almost all the theatres are filled with some horror thrillers, serious and complex tales in the name of raw and rustic approach, including this week ‘Metro’. To offer a relaxation and refreshing moment, Debutant Usha’s Raja Mandhiri serves up for the best in terms of hilarious episodes and emotions too. The film stars Kalaiyarasan and Kaali Venkat in lead roles with Justin Prabhakaran composing music.


Set in the rural backdrops, we come across two siblings – Elder brother Suriya (Kaali Venkat) and younger one (Kalaiyarasan). They share a wonderful bonding while Suriya is a responsible person, the younger one keeps chewing the fat and hitting the ways with happy-go-lucky nature. All their lives are going smooth and happy, until there happens to be a mismatch in the wedding arrangement of Suriya, where the younger brother must now the set the things right in place.


As mentioned above during the beginning stage, Usha Krishnan has made the film with the motive of presenting a fun-filled drama. Although the tale looks stereotypical and timeworn in places with some logical quotients missing, Usha manages to keep it engrossed with lively and fun moments. Usually when female directors are involved in the making of serious or feminism based films, she comes out as an exception in proving that ‘Genres’ doesn’t matter and it’s all about the engagement that one offers. In particular, there are some funny characterizations sketched that includes ‘Nadodigal’ Gopal, where his emoting gestures seeing the bond between his sons Kalai and Kaali Venkat are rib-tickling moments. Village becomes beautiful and prosperous with the cinematography by P.G. Muthaiah and musical score by Justin Prabhakaran are sangfroid.


Kaali Venkat scores more than Kalaiyarasan in many places as he gets more sequences to get his credits. Be it the humorous places or the emotional situations, he just exerts heart and soul. Kalaiarasan on his part does his best justice to the role. Shalin who plays the sweetheart of Kalaiyarasan and Vaishali as the pair of Kaali Venkat look beautiful. Bala Saravanan manages to tickle the funny bones in many places.

What works?

1. Comedy sequences
2. Performances
3. Cinematography and Music

What doesn’t work?

1. Story
2. Missing of logical aspects

Raja Manthiri is a film that is specially catering for the ones who love to enjoy rural based comedy capers laced with fun, family and sentimental factors.

Verdict : A decent laughter riot

Rating : 4.5/10

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