Metro Movie Review

Raw, Rustic and Realistic

Reviews 24-Jun-2016 4:59 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Ananda Krishnan
Production : E5 Entertainments, Metro Productions
Starring : Shirish, Bobby Simha, Sendrayan
Music : Johan
Cinematography : N. S. Uthaya Kumar
Editing : M. Ramesh Baarathi

Chain snatching has become a huge speculative crisis in Chennai and it has indeed become a hazardous crime shattering the lives of many innocuous people. Filmmaker Anand Krishnan, who made his debut directorial with ‘Aal’, a remake of critically acclaimed Hindi film ‘Aamir’ has directed this ‘Metro’, which had to go through serious phase in ‘Censor Board’ and finally has its way through ‘A’ certification.


The film traverses through the life of a journalist (Shirish) and he manages to kidnap a miscreant involved in the chain snatching. He keeps beating him black and blue to find out the real network behind this chain snatching and he is personally affected for his mother (Tulasi) lost her life due to such incidents and the shocking part is that man responsible behind this act was none other than his own younger brother (Sathya).


First and foremost, what deserves special mentioning upon ‘Metro’ is the stark reality of darker side Chennai. Director Anand has gone through an intense process of research and the way of presenting the film is yet another highlighting attribute. We would credit the greatest contributions of Udhaya Kumar, who has done a remarkable job over cinematography and not to miss the scintillating background score of Johan. The detailed research of this film is very much illustrious with the under depth look into how the chain snatching mafia works with proper planning on attacking more off women not men. The film manages to draw upon some emotional connect as every Chennaite would have been a witness to such incidents. But on the flip side, this film might not appeal to every audience group for there it is so darker that it might not hit the target audiences of entertainment genre. A slight dose of message for women safety is something that can be appreciated as well.


After a long time, we get to see Bobby Simha getting out of his imitation of Superstar Rajinikanth. As a baddie, he has done an overpowering performance. The newcomers playing the role of brothers – Sirish and Sathya are the right choices and suit the role very well. But it would have been nice if Sirish could develop his potentiality in some places and Sathya too could focus upon some best expressions. But that’s not a flaw as they have done a remarkable job. Others in the cast including Yogi Babu, Raja, Tulasi, Nishanth and Maya have done what is required for their roles.

What works?

1. Gripping screenplay
2. Characterizations and performances.
3. Background score, Cinematography and Editing

What doesn’t work?

Apart from few logic missing quotients, Metro doesn’t lack anything in particular and it’s a film with great depth and intensity of real life crisis.

Verdict : Raw, Rustic and Realistic

Rating : 4.5/10

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