Ilayathalapathy Vijay Birthday Special

Ilayathalapathy Vijay Birthday Special – 5 special things that you should know about the star

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Ilayathalapathy Vijay is always special to everyone, his fans, family, friends and almost everyone in the industry. As the actor turns 42, Top 10 Cinema brings 5 interesting facts about the actor that might be more impressive for you all.

Know your limits and score brownie points within the circle

Ilayathalapathy Vijay has been so much standing out to such a great example of this illustration. Sometimes, it’s best to know one’s limit and try the best within the same circle. Maybe, it could lead to certain criticisms, but this is what it keeps Vijay on top in his league. He is best in dance, giving cute expressions and characters that would let millions reflect with them.

Good-hearted nature draws more crowds

It’s not just in the movies that he plays a good hearted hero, but in real life too. He is someone, who always loves to share more moment with fans and friends. In fact, he spends quality time with his fan club members and if you get a chance to see some rare clicks that not many would have seen, you could get the fun-loving side of Vijay

Dotting Dad and Loveable son

Since he is always busy with his projects consistently throughout the year, he misses to spend time with his children. But soon after the film’s completion, he will make sure that he spends at least a month time holidaying with them in abroad countries. In the same manner, every weekend, whenever he is away from shooting, he spends time with his parents.

The secret of youthfulness

Everyone wants to know about the secret of his youthfulness, even his co-stars, but he keeps it all secret. But do you know something? The secret behind his youthfulness is healthy tips of drinking plenty of water, spending quality time on breathing meditation and smile at every situation. This is his simplest techniques that keep him enlivened and rejuvenated.

Partying and shooting breeze with co-stars

Well, the competitions and clashes are almost created by the closer associates of celebrities and in personal; the actors are always special friends. Especially, Vijay always shares a wonderful rapport with everyone. You could see them in the special gathering pictures and not to everyone’s knowledge, whenever he gets free time, he shoots the breeze often with Ajith Kumar, Suriya and Vikram.

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