Aruvi producer in seventh heaven with international acclaims

Witnessing a grand reception at ‘Shanghai International Film’, Aruvi got through fantabulous response at Habitat Film Festival in Delhi as well...

News 21-Jun-2016 10:42 AM IST RM Comments

Following ‘Saguni’, Dream Warrior Pictures is involved in the production grandeur project with Karthi again titled ‘Kaashmora’, which had recently wrapped up the shooting. Meanwhile, the production house has produced yet another film under its banner titled ‘Aruvi’, which has been witnessing good reception at International and National film festivals. Very much spellbound over the tremendous response exceeding their very own response, SR Prabhu, one of the producers at Dream Warrior Pictures has tweeted saying, “Right from the beginning, Aruvi has been endowing us with good experience. With a great response at Shanghai International Film Festival, we have returned back to Chennai. We are so much proud that Aruvi has become one of the best films produced under our banner. The film will be screened at few more International Film Festivals and we are so much delighted with the audiences of global panorama receiving the film with great warmth and response. We ardently thank each and everyone involved in the making of this film including director Arun for making this possible.”

The film is directed by Arun Prabhu Purushothamman with Shelly handling cinematography and Bindhu Malini-Vedanth Bharadwaj composing music.

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