Enakku Innoru Per Irukku Movie Review

A vague and unimpressive film that has fallible writing

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Direction : Sam Anton
Production : Lyca Productions
Starring : G. V. Prakash Kumar, Anandhi, Saravanan, Karunaas
Music : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : Krishnan Vasant
Editing : Ruben

Following the grand success of ‘Darling’, filmmaker Sam Anton and GV Prakash are coming together for the film ‘Enakku Innoru Per Irukku’, The film also brings back GV Prakash and Anandhi together again after ‘Trisha Illana Nayantara’, produced by Lyca Productions.


Set in the backdrops of Royapuram, we see Saravanan as a leading Gang Lord with the title ‘Naina’. As he is getting aged, he wants to pass on the title to the one who is going to marry his daughter (Anandhi) and the hunt by his team begins to find the apt one. Apparently, they come across Johnny (GV Prakash), who is mistaken to be a daring gangster and finally get him married. But sooner, they all realize the true identity of Johnny and meanwhile, an opposite gang is on the hunt of Naina to seek the revenge upon GV Prakash’s father-in-law.


It looks like Sam Anton and GV Prakash have made up their minds that it is enough to keep bringing up the references of A-league actors so that there would be good reception in theatres. Yes, when you hear the dialogue from ‘Kabali’ teaser, ‘Vedalam’ and ‘Their’ impact, the scenario looks perfect. While it keeps on extending throughout the film, you get to turned up with annoyance, for the plot is so flimsy. Right throughout the first half, there isn’t any gripping narration and by the slight twist during intermission, when you’re about to assume that there is going to be something interesting in second hour, you’re disappointed again. In fact, the actual story happens by the title credits with Naan Kadavul Rajendran voiceover and the last 20 minutes. Altogether, with a running length of almost 150 minutes, you’ve gripping moments only by last few minutes and rest is just irking references… GV Prakash has copycatted lots of background score from various movies, especially the climax sequence features Allu Arjun’s action block BGM (Thaman) in Sarrainodu. Cinematography is worthy of appreciations.


It looks like GV Prakash was so much pleased with the reception of his fans in Trisha illana Nayantara and over here replicates same mannerisms, which is literally annoying after a certain extent. A humble request to GV Prakash that he must give up ‘Double Entendres’ and making fun of girls in cheating their boyfriends… Well, if he plans to have some decent family audiences to his league, he has to give up immediately on such cheap tactics. Kayal fame Anandhi doesn’t have anything in this film and she just appears for namesake heroine. Yogi Babu is the only relief as he keeps up tickling our funny bones with his witty lines. While the makers promoted the visual promotions with bunch of prominent actors like VTV Ganesh and Naan Kadavul Rajendran, they appear only by the last portions. Saravanan, Charlie and Nirosha have done what is offered to them.

What works and what doesn’t work?

Apart from witty and hilarious episodes in very few places, there isn’t anything that will engage or impress you in Enakku Innoru Per Irukku.

A film can be made in any genres and it can be catering for any group of audiences, but there should be a proper definition of what it is all about. There is no clarity, proper engagement and songs keep occurring now and then without any proper placements. There is no proper depth of emotional bond between relationships and hence, EIPI fails to connect with audiences.

Verdict : A vague and unimpressive film that has fallible writing

Rating : 3.5/10

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